The Newberry Championship Dinner was held on September 25th at The Appletree Terrace. Congratulations to Mary Lou Evans and Mike Obeid for winning the Women’s and Men’s championship respectively. A wonderful painting was created by James Rhoden and awarded to Maria Lindsey for contributing the most towards the golf program. A great time was had by all. Thank you Fred Halsey for providing the open bar and picking up the tab.

October 3rd. was a sunny evening fading to a star filled night at the pavilion for our 3rd Annual Soup Fest. Fabulous soups, breads and desserts were the main attractions.Games were played, prizes won, new friendships made and old ones renewed. Kim Lisses won a gift certificate for her Shrimp Bisque and Marsha surprised Frank with a cake to celebrate his 80th birthday. A grand time was had by all. Until next year!


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